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Greeting Dumpshockers, I asked the Forum Moderators about posting a Shadowrun Frequently Asked Questions/Frequently Posted Topics Thread and they replied "If you build it they will come".

So here we are on the ragged edge. If you know where more of these Threads can be found please post them here and I will update the list.

Welcome to the Dumpshock Forums Frequent Topic List

Shadowrun Music

You can also access the Old Forums [read only]


Shadowrun: The Soundtrack, What do you recommend?

Shadowrun Soundtrack

Music...., Ooh! Look! A dead horse....

Shadowrunning Music, Time to beat a dead horse!

Game Soundtrack, What music do you game to?

More about an SR3 soundtrack

Shadowrun Music, Not your average SR music thread...

Music in the Matrix trailer, No, it's not what you think


80s music that is about Shadowrun, so you can cue the theme music

Old Shadowrun-Inspired Music, and where to find

Movies with a Shadowrun feel

Music Thread Got Me Thinking..., Need Help Locating Sound Files

What music do you listen to?, When playing or hanging?

Movie Quotes, and Shadowrun

Music in your games, What sets the mood?

Song-o-mats, They're coming...

Music To Run By, Looking for play lists.

Repost: Look and feel of SR4

Shadowrun Trailer, Poland Rules smile.gif

Shadowrun Music, Pulse pounding, body moving, beats?

Shadowrun Music

Old Movies as Inspiration

Night Watch



P.S.: Future projects may inclued Movies, Films, and Television. Then Dual Melee Weapon/Pistols/etc... Combat, then Meta Plots Canon, then 3rd Edition Matrix, Rigging, Astral, Spirits, etc... All depends on your responses.
I feel a sense of relief.

May be we can add on for GM newbies, i'm really sick of that one.
There are the Idiot's Guide To Rigging & Decking threads which are in fact a FAQ-thread for this topics.
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