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Full Version: Ranged Combat Goof
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As you are all probably aware, crossbows got a buff moving into fourth edition. They no longer require a ready weapon action to reload them after firing. This necessitated a minimum strength to recock the crossbow. All crossbows no include an auto cocking mechanism. They now have an internal magazine that hold four bolts and requires a complex action to reload.

This is pretty cool if you like crossbows, and considering that a heavy crossbow is close to the top on ranged damage before getting into heavy weapons, it makes them pretty nice combat weapons now. There's just one tiny little problem, THE RANGE TABLES FOR CROSSBOWS ARE STILL BASED ON STRENGTH. Which means one of two things, either crossbows now have a range of zero meters or the next errata that is released needs to include fixed range categories.

Until then, I suggest using the strengths given in the SR3, which also should have been fixed values rather than an equation.
SR4 Errata 1.3, first page:

p. 139 Weapons Range Table
Change the crossbow ranges to be (S/M/L/E):
Light 0-6 7-24 25-60 61-120
Medium 0-9 10-36 37-90 91-150
Heavy 0-15 16-45 46-120 121-180

ah, must have missed it. thanks
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