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Full Version: Help With Character Concept - Border Patrol
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Had the idea for a character knocking around the back of my head for a while now and I've decided to try and write it up. General idea was for an ex-army, Border Patrol Agent from the CAS. Figured this would give them access to a fairly wide spread of skills and gives them a plausible reason for having contacts in a number of areas e.g. law enforcement, military - both the single stint they did and then liasing when working the border and underworld (even more so if they're not averse to a little light corruption.)

Now I haven't had a game for a while so this is more of a mental challenge so I thought I'd throw it open for some suggestions and ideas as well. Mainly looking for ideas for her active and knowledge skills.

I'd think the main hotspots for the CAS would be along the Aztlan and South Florida/Carrib League borders, with Pueblo a close second. Figure what with how the 2060's are it wouldn't be surprising if they hadn't been para-militarised somewhat either.

Attributes would be fairly standard with the high ones being body, intelligence and willpower to reflect that you've got to be fairly self sufficient in the wilderness and bright and motivated for the job. Skills I've come up with off the top of my head are pistols, rifles, shotguns, clubs/batons, some kind of subduing martial art, biotechnology/first aid, negotiation/fast talk, interrogation/verbal, law/immigration, Spanish, car, athletics, stealth, tracking, navigation/land, wilderness survival, organised crime, smuggling.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
I'd add a couple more language skills, maybe some Rotorcraft or Motorboat also. Customs agents should probably have some Chemistry Knowledge (low level) and a touch of computer or electronics as well.
A lot of Police Officers, and even Federal Agents of all stripes recieve similar training in some aspects (COLES/FLETC or what not.) however generally speaking most receive Driving courses and not Amritime or Flight lessons.

Costs money don'tcha know.

That link may be of some use to you Flak.
Flight lessons being very expensive and qualifications for a pilot, etc.

However, I can't imagine learning to drive (pilot?) a speedboat to be nearly as complicated - and I suspect most agents/officers working shore patrol/interdiction operations would at least know the basics of working a boat as good seamanship, if nothing else.

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