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Well I just wanted to know what every one feels when they write an adventure or whatever you want to call it.

I feel the most important part of writing up adventures are the Introduction.

Why none of you ask.

Well you gotta suck in your players and get them all interested, set the mood of the game and the genral emotional feel to it.

2nd most important to me is the accuall plot, now i don't any more is just write out scene by scene.

Why do you some of you ask?

Well as most experienced GM's find out the hard way is, you can not set up a straight line for them, they'll go off and mess it up some how or always, but they get it accomplish.

and final a good conclusion for the end how ever it does happen.

The as an evil bastard of a GM i'll sit down and take notes of who they encountered and how it went for future punsihment.
some encounter are good so that NPC may help em out in the future, some will just plane old try to kill you and so on....

NOW start posting.
A SOLID plot needs to be detailed in advance, so that you don't have to wing crucial storylines on the spot cause your players asked questions you hadn't thought of, or advanced faster than you thought.

Second is the mood and theme you want to maintain during the campaign. Easy and humourous, or dark and gritty?

Also, what personnal ideas or philosophies you want the players to reflect on? The darkness inside Men? The stalemate of corporate control and personal freedom? Sacrifice?
MK Ultra
Most adventures I gm, I throw some problem (say, Jhonson says bring me A or the B from player character C gets D and the team must E him/her/it/them). The introduction were the problem is presented is allso quiet importent (but my players dont get subtile clues mostly anyway sarcastic.gif ). Then I take some thoghts on the opposition and maybe help for the players, too. And then I look what they are making out of it. So mostly, I waste no thougts about which way the players can solve the problem, cuz they will probably use another way. Allso, during the game, solutions pop up in my mind anyway, so I can give them a hint, if they are lost.
This isn't the first time I've admitted I'm poor with computers. But I'll try:

hey, my first link!


lots of good contributions on that thread...
MK Ultra
When Im writing a whole champaign, rather then a oneshot adventure (though thes often became startingpoints for whole champaigns) I do contemplate much more on mood and things, Backgammon mentioned, but still, I do not detail every singel adventureplot in advance. I tend to customize the adventure, while I see, how the players are taking the Introduction and what they are planning for there first steps. From that point on, the whole storry gets excidingly more complex.

Edit: Thanks, Dog, that was very enlightening, too! As one might guess, Im allso more the Timline-GM than the Desissiontree-GM.
hey thenks for the link there bud.
Straight Razor
Well... a good intro that sets up the mood is very important. But how i usually come up with champaign and one shots, is to base it around a cool idea or suitation. I'll also come up with one very dramatic or engrossing enchounter and write a storie aroung in.("gone with the wind" was written last chapter first)

i took "red barchetta: by rush" and made a fun one shot where they had to steel a car hidden in a barn in the badlands on the sioux nation.

Wolf's rain: all shape shifter run. everyone had amnisea, and i told the each in private that they were the traidor.

"ghost riders in the sky: by johney cash" ...still working on that one.
The Stainless Steel Rat
I don't write adventures, let alone campaigns. I have given up on trying to anticipate what my players will do, and I refuse to railroad them into keeping with whatever plot I wrote out, no matter how cool I think it is.

I simply do my best to create an immersive world with fleshed-out NPCs and let them play in it, and in turn have it react to them in a realistic way.

QUOTE (BitBasher @ Nov 17 2003, 01:00 PM (see link in sig))
I don't run a story anymore I run a world. There is no "Metaplot" really. The story of any individual game centers around what the players want in their lives and how they can achieve those goals. What matters to them is what matters. It's far more personal that coming up with a campaign they you are going to send the characters through. You let the chacracters play through their lives and let the world unfold where it may before them.

My group finds this style creates more immersion for the players and a stronger bond to their characters. This is typically a slower style of play though, since the GM often has to come up with new NPCs, Locales, Systems, etc. on the fly, but the players know this and allow me a few minutes to play catch up.
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