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Full Version: IRL: Two articles on Magnetic Sensory Implants.
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6-Month Magnetic Implants

The Gift of Magnetic Vision

Not really into the whole cutting-yourself-open thing, but the sensory input would certainly be interesting. Definitely be usefull for people who work with electronics, especially residential electricians, knowing which wires are live by touch would be nice.

I'd get these done, assuming it's a Pro doing it, and they iron out the problems with biocompatibility.
Magnetic Implants
Small magnets under the skin of your fingers allow you to sense magnetic fields, when the vibrations induced are detected by the nerves in your fingertips.

You can make a Perception test to notice magnetic fields. The more powerful the field is, the more easily you sense it at range.

Powerful field: TN 2
Moderate field TN 4
Weak Feild: TN 6
Within 10cm of feild emitter: -4 to TN
Within 50cm of feild emitter: -2 to TN
Within 1m of feild emitter: +0 to TN
Within 10m of feild emitter: +4 to TN
More thand 10m from feild: +6 to TN
Modulating feild:-2 to TN

Essence loss: 0
Cost: 100 nuyen.gif
the problem being they are more or less useless in 2070.

They switched to optical stuff a while back.

I just thought the whole modification was more utilitarian than say, piercings, and relates more to cyberware than the usual stuff.

Most wageslaves in 2063 had a datajack, and maybe a math SPU. stuff they'd need to do thier job.
You can't run an electric motor with light.
Yup, and it'll do wonders for picking up MAD feilds.
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