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Full Version: Can I get stats for Jackelope-Totem?
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I just need stats if anyone has them for using a Jackelope Totem/Mentor Spirit

Thats all I need
I think you are just screwing with us.
nope I'm not, I just need stats for a jackelope Totem that is all
I suspect this of being serious, the jackalope is a fearsome and valuable paracritter of North America. Jackalopes produce milk that contains a powerful antibiotic, so I would think that Jackalope would favor health spells as a mentor. Jackalopes are also both shy and violent, so they'd want encouragement in both directions.

My verdict:

Advantages: +2 for Health Spells, +2 for Spirits of War.
Disadvantage: Jackalopes are very shy, and avoid contact with others whenever possible. A character with a Jackalope mentor must make a Willpower + Charisma (2) test to voluntarily engage in a social setting, and must make a Willpower + Charisma (3) test to avoid retiring from an unexpected social engagement.

Thanks Frank--that info is just what I need for My AmerInd Elf Jackelope Shaman(Kiowa [Don't say they didn't survive the camps-as far I'm concerned All Tribes survived regardless of what any source book says {and that Goes for Miwok,Canadian-Metis, American Tri-Racial, Mestee & Hidden People Too}])
QUOTE (FrankTrollman)
+2 for Spirits of War.

What do you mean by spirits of war?
QUOTE (boskop-albatros)
My AmerInd Elf Jackelope Shaman Kiowa

B-A's posts, and very forum name, often remind me of the Seventh Sanctum web page.

Anyone who needs some randomly-generated inspiration (or doesn't have sufficient access to recreational pharmaceuticals) might find the page useful.
QUOTE (Squinky)
I think you are just screwing with us.

Not on purpose, I'm sure. Look at all his other posts.
QUOTE (Lagomorph)
QUOTE (FrankTrollman @ Jan 16 2006, 05:53 AM)
+2 for Spirits of War.

What do you mean by spirits of war?

Loa of Ogoun
Loa of Shango
Hive Soldier
Angel of Death
Spirit of Battle
Guardian Spirit
Red Cap

Call it what you like.

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