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Full Version: SR4 Modules (Calypso and Gothic Rose stay out)
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So I'm a GM (for Calypso and Gothic Rose, among others) and I have just finished an SR3 game. I will be starting an SR4 game, but I would like to use pregenerated modules instead of having to do all the work myself (I know, I'm lazy). Does anybody have any suggestions on modules that would convert well to SR4? I don't mind doing the conversion work myself, I just want something that will fit in well with the 2070 timeline. I have seen some excellent suggestions for converting SR3 hosts into SR4 LANs, so there's no problem there. The group looks like it will consist of one magician/hacker (boy are his points stretched thin), two adepts (one with pistols, the other rilfes), and one undecided (though the others are pushing him to be awakened so there's an all magically active party). I don't mind buying books, but keeping that to a minimum would be nice.
Wow that's a tough one. There are not yet any SR$ modules published. I'll save The Dunner the trouble and plug the Shadowrun Missions modules, though your net savvy players are probably already familiar with them. Anything with Bugs might be problematic as I don't think they have been detailed in SR4 yet. A rehash of Bottled Demon could work pretty well As sort of an inside joke in our game the Focus was never destroyed so it keeps popping up in unexpected places sort of like a bad penney, each time for whatever reason the runners either overlook it or fail to destroy it.
I know this has the problem of bugs not being out for SR4 yet, but I am currently looking into converting Queen Euphoria. I am sure how it is going to go yet.

I have also run the original stuffer shack adventure, and the first two shadowrun missions adventures online. All three of those ran well.
If you want something unusual with a twist thatīs independent of the metaplot, my suggestion the old Divided Assets. Itīs really unique and puts players through moral choices. Needs to be heavy on roleplaying to be any good though.
basically anything out of "First Run" and "Missions" you can do, you might have fun with "Dragon Hunt", "Eye Witness" and "DNA/DOA". along with several of the first and second edition modules as well. Just ideas
I've run "Mission Briefing" from Missions, and I just finished putting my players through Ivy and Crome earlier today. Both conversion went pretty well. My biggest issue in fact as scaling down the level of opposition, as both runs were rather high powered for my team. I've also converted "Jigsaw Incomplete" from GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures which also went pretty much without a hich as well, although in that case I had to do so much conversion it almost qualifies as a new run.

I can E-mail you my write-up from Mission Briefing if you'd like, PM me or e-mail me if your intrested.
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