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Full Version: Moronic players 101
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Cynic project
Let's start off by saying this. I was running a game and well had a player that was just not too sharp.

His character is a mystic adept and not a mage cause he wants level 2 increased reflexes. He is a black ORC poser. The game is set in LA.

So here is what the players know. They are sent after a gang to get the leader to stop cutting his drugs so much. The gang they are sent after are part of one the biggest gangs in LA.. Think the Cutters.. IE they are an umbreala gang that has smaller gangs that work for them. The gang the runners were paid to hit was one those small gangs.

They are given a file saying Sol Del Mortai(I am bad at spelling english so as you can see spanish ain't much better). The file labeled him as "Jose". The file said they knew that wasn't his real name, and that they didn't know much about him. What they did know was that his higher up couldn't take this guy out. The soldiers liked him to much. He was bad ass, and well knew how to get moral up. The file also said it was unknown if he was human or orc.(He happened to be human) Unknown if he was magic or mundane(he had magic).

Now The Orc poser go to the place they know his base to be. This a part of town may as well be the Redmond barrens. So what he do..But go there and start walking up and down he block, until a hopper talks to him asking him wants to buy drugs. He yells at the kid and tells the kid he is looking for his friend. Mind you this guy stick out about as much as Lone star stands out in civil rights protest. He then looks to the house of his target goes there and is greeted by the guy with a shotgun sitting on the porch. He knocks on the door and the guy withe shotgun asks him what he is doing. So he say he looking for his cousin "Jose". (Mind you I warned him a few time.) The guy say no Jose lives here. The player asks again. This goes on for a bit then the guy pumps his gun and tell the player to leave. The player then replies something on the lines "Fuck you and silly gang ass names and the so called Sol Del mortai.His Name is Jose" ...Now gangs are all about getting thing right and pride. You call a ganger's gang stupid and you are looking for a fight..Call one stupid wile they are already pissed at you.

The gourd shotts at the player...The player lives threw a few shots when the troll ont he other side of the door opens up and then smacks him upside the head with a pipe. He get fucked up good and runs away to the middle of street cause he wanted to heal himself...But not cast invisible(don't ask me why).

Oh the other players were near by but weren't helping not because the players were trying to jackasses but because they didn't know anything bad was happening until the bullets started to fly.So the other players were left in many options..They decided to split after making the sure the lone player could run. One of the players threw a stun bolt at the troll, messed him up..The poser was shot at from a window and decided to run back at the troll, and he he the troll hard downing him..But got hit by many shot gun blasts and was taken down. The other two players went in and save him.

So they were made and that mission was fubared.The contact told them as much and said they would take of it. The poser talk tot the contact he would do it on his own...the other two players liked having living characters backed out.

So the player went back with a spirit and started the party by killing the shotgun guy in the front(with a spirit), and throwing ball lighting at a few of the gangers taking 7 points of drain and waking everyone up. The ganger pulled out their guns and shot him.He was taken down by two SMG welding thugs shooting from the house.

Then he is trying to blame me for targeting him.
Is he a mage or a shaman?

If he's a shaman, he should have had the Spirit use confusion to incapacitate all of the gangers. If he's a mage, he should have summoned a small army of spirits.
QUOTE (nick012000)
Is he a mage or a shaman?

If he's a shaman, he should have had the Spirit use confusion to incapacitate all of the gangers. If he's a mage, he should have summoned a small army of spirits.

but then, he wouldnt have been mornic, no?
Also Target him for being a mage.

"Geek the Mage who insulted the Gangers"
It sounds like a newer player that is used to playing D&D. The type of game where you can push around most folks if you want, and easily take out 10 normal-ish folks. That may be his issue. If you made it clear that he was being over bearing, .. well heck, even if you didn't, he should have known better. You don't go chewing out someone wit ha shotgun. That's just stupid.
emo samurai
Notice how equipment doesn't scale like in D&D... and by that, I mean NOT AT ALL. How can't he make a rudimentary statistical analysis and realize that you don't get twice as powerful going from level one to level two in this game?
By using the roleplaying paradigms learned in other rpgs and not thinking? Hero = higher lifeform is not that unique.

Players who take that much drain in one go need to pay more attention in mathematics.
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