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Josh The Stampede
I'm a bit confused about exactly how wound modifiers affect Initiative. Here's what I'm sure about.

1. You roll your Initiative attribute, and add those hits to that same Initiative attribute to get your Initiative Score.

2. If you get acquire wound modifiers before your action, your Initiative Score drops to reflect that, and thus you go later in the round.

Here's the issue: the book says "When making the Initiative Test, wound modifiers from damage affect the Initiative Score."
Is this in addition to coming out of the initiative die pool, or instead?

example: Steve has initiative attribute of 10. He starts the round with a wound mod of -2. Does he A) Roll 10 dice, ending up with an Init Score of 10+hits-2, B) Roll 8 dice, ending up with 8+hits, or C) Roll 8 dice, and end up with 8+hits-2?

Thanks for any insight. cyber.gif

Also, I just realized that I entered my handle instead of a topic title. I'm a genius.
the score after the dice are rolled minus wound modifiers.
Josh The Stampede
I'm not sure I understand that answer.
QUOTE (Josh The Stampede)
I'm not sure I understand that answer.

In your example with an initiative attribute of 10 your final score would be 10 + hits with 10 dice - 2 for the wound modifier.
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