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Having played with the Essence Drain power as described in 4th I am trying to remember what it was like in 3rd. I remember it being a heck of a lot nastier and am thinking of swapping it out but can't find a description of Essence Drain under 3rd edition rules. Any one help me out?
Type: M • Action: Exclusive Complex • Range: Touch •
Duration: Permanent
The Essence Drain power allows a being to drain the
Essence from another, adding the points drained to its own
Essence. The being may increase its Essence to a maximum of
twice the maximum for its type in this way (for humanoid
beings, maximum Essence of 12).
Essence is transferred only in the presence of strong emotion.
This can be a lover’s passion, the terror of an unwilling victim,
or the rage of a defeated enemy, for example, but it must
be strong and it must be directed personally at the being using
the power. The Essence Drain often requires some transfer of
physical material, such as blood for a vampire or flesh for a
wendigo, though often only a token amount. In this case, the
critter’s Essence Drain power cannot affect astral targets.
A critter draining Essence requires some minutes undisturbed.
The critter may drain as many points of Essence as it
currently possesses. The minimum drain is 1 point.
A being cannot drain Essence from a fiercely resisting victim.
The victim must participate willingly or must be physically
or magically subdued. The psychic stimulus of the being’s
touch (such as a vampire’s bite) opens an empathic link
between the being and its victim, who will feel ecstasy at being
drained. A victim must make a Willpower (4) Test each time he
or she is drained. Failure indicates addiction, and the subject
will actively cooperate in hopes of feeling the sensation of the
drain again. This will, of course, lead to a rapid loss of Essence
and the death of the addict.
Beings can drain Essence from other beings that possess
the Essence Drain power without the element of strong emotional
energy, but the process still requires undisturbed time.
The action requires an Essence (4) Test for both beings. The
being achieving the most successes drains the other of an
amount of Essence equal to the extra successes. For example,
two vampires with Essence 5 are locked in a transfer. Each
rolls 5 dice. The first scores 3 successes, the other scores 5.
The second vampire drains 2 points of Essence from the first.
A being whose Essence is reduced to 0 in this manner dies at
once and permanently.

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