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Full Version: Desert Flame Wars.
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emo samurai
Now people can flame each other without wanton thread hijacking. That means you, Critias, Blakkie, and countless teeming others.
We flame because we love.
I just want to say that:

Azralon is a feebleminded jerk. The fact this thread is here at all is basically his fault, and so if he gets called an asshat repeatedly he has only himself to blame. Ass hat.

blakkie is an insensitive moron. If he had half the sense he was born with, he'd just have let things lie. Instead he got all cock-waving like an angry gorilla (just like an angry gorilla, and ladies I think you know what that means). Fuck that. Seriously.

Critias doesn't even play or like SR4, and is here just to start shit. It's really not surprising to me that he catches shit when the monkeys throw it back. What does surprse me is that apparently after we beat the shit out of him there's anything left at all.

There. The ABCs of flaming have been released, let's go!

Ooh, do me next. biggrin.gif
Shortest Desert Wars ever.
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