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page 199
two spells
Detect [Life Form]
Deteic [Object]

The descriptions state that:
Each different [object/life form] requires a separate spell (Detect X, Detect Y, Detect Z)

Does this mean A.
You cast it once for Item X as target
then cast it again for Item Y as target
then again for Item Z as target
so its basically the same spell just different targets

or does this mean B.
You have to learn it for Item X
You have to learn it for Item Y
and you have to learn it for Item Z
then you have three distinct spells to cast?
well upon further reading
page 200 has another spell in the same format

Decrease [Attribute]

This time it states:
A version of this spell exists for each Physical and Mental attribute.

so this leads me to think that it is "B".
You must learn a new spell for each [object]
i would also say B.
I would also vote for B.
The answer of course is to get Detect Life instead of [Detect Lifeform]. The increased drain is incredibly minor compared to the massive amount of extra information you get.

Detect [Lifeform] is much more useful in certain situations. If you are a patroling secmage then detect [metahuman] will greatly cut down the time wasted by frisking potted plants. Likewise, if you are hunting the most dangerous game in the jungles of South America, Detect Life is completely useless. Detect [Metahuman] still works perfectly.
I would say B, but I think A would be a fine option, how often do these spells get used anyway? I've seen them used once I think in my 4 years of playing. Maybe its just our style is different, but I don't see why it would hurt to use it as option A
Zen Shooter01
It's always been B in previous editions.

Detect [Object] has all manner of uses:

Detect Guns: With one spell, you could be a career bouncer.
Detect Cyberware: Not as useful as it used to be, depends on where you use it I suppose.
Detect Car Keys: Usefulness knows no bounds.
Detect TV Remote: See Detect Car Keys
Detect That Thing I Sent You: Does anyone else watch Harvey Birdman, I wonder?

And just how specific can Detect [Lifeform] be, I wonder?

Detect Easy Women: For the CHA 1 types.
Detect Blood: For the CSI inside of all of us.
Detect Kids: No need for a babysitter.
Detect Cops: How couldn't this be useful.

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