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Okay, I'm trying to set up some notes for setting a campaign in San Francisco for SR4. And I've come across a few sticking points.

Is L.A. underwater or not? The part about their sea walls was unclear.
Is there any exposition on San Francisco? And who controls it, the CFS or Japan?
What exactly is the ‘disputed zone’ between Tir Tairngre and the CFS? And whatever happened to Hestaby's role in that little altercation?

Also, a few questions for my own interest...and before you yell at me, my Acrobat is busted, I can't look at the Winternight file.

Who/what/why is the Unseelie Court?
Who/what/why is Winternight?
I can give you a little SR3 perspective:

Tir Tairngire sourcebook describes an area between Redding and Yreka as being claimed by both nations. IIRC, the physical border that one usually associates with TT is at the north end of the disputed zone. Hestaby is described as the most likely reason that the elves don't make more of an effort to claim it. This info is pretty dated, 2054 or so.

Winternight is an apocolyptic, cultish terrorist organization whose vision is closely tied to Norse myth. They first showed up in Threats. They are especially known for use of drones and BTLs, for being strongly anti-matrix, and for stockpiling WMDs. That part's old news. More recent stuff about them would be a spoiler, I think. (Maybe for only about 6 people, these days.) Check out System Failure for more.

Unseelie court, I think is the ruling powers in Tir-Na-Nog. It ties into Irish folklore, but I don't know much about that.
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