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Full Version: Is all cyberware wireless?
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The Horror

Half my players don't want to use wireless cyberware. They are afraid someone will hack into their commlink and screw them over.

Is there any reason why they can't just use wires to connect everything like the older SR editions?

The Horror
Everything in SR4 is wirelessly enabled. This means you COULD wirelessly connect them. It also states that you can turn the wireless off, or phsyically remove it, if you like - and can certainly use wires or skinlinks to connect your things together instead.

There have been a few threads on possible uses for a wirelessly enabled cyberarm... but I don't think anyone ever came up with one. smile.gif I think your players have it right, Joe Consumer might want his toaster/lamp/arm/car/toilet wirelessly enabled, but a Shadowrunner has more sense than that.
possible uses for a wireless arm: to choke that little fragger that just surgically removed it and sat it on the table while begining his cliche'd "evil do'er monolouge"... silly.gif
hmm, detachable cyberlimb. why am i thinking about a teen titans episode i watched on cartoon network? maybe its because they where tossed out of their base, but after cyborg had his arm removed. the bad guys actualy put it on the wall as some sort of trophy...

basicly the arm could be remotely controled, and ended up unlocking the base for the group. all this while doing that thing thing. walking around on the fingers and all that...

hmm, interesting concept for a drone rigger with a implant comlink smokin.gif
Lol, yeah, and not outside the realm of possibility if they actually put rules for an arm-drone in one of the splat-books (un-wired?)... they have drone eyes... why not drone everything else?
hell, you dont realy need a special drone. all you need is for the gm to allow that you can run a drone pilot in your arm nyahnyah.gif the fingers can do the movement bit nicely wink.gif

drone eyes are a diffrent thing, as unless you want it to roll around, you need to have foldable legs or rotors buildt into it.
Well, the arm could move - but probably wouldn't have any sensors built into it... so it would have limited use... unless the GM also ruled that being a "mini" sized drone, it was suddenly gifted with a minidrone sensor capacity of 3. wink.gif
ah, should have known that not having the book would bite me somehow.
cybereyes and ears buildt into the limb somehow?

hmm, realy it dont need to be rigger equiped or a drone at all. it realy just need to be able to route data back and forth. its your cyberlimb after all. just route the neural signals verbatim over the wireless connection silly.gif
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