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Full Version: Morality, Ethics and Shadowrunning
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Lady Door
So, I was watching the movie "Serenity" the other night. (Great movie, btw) and there's a scene wherein the main characters are leaving what is about to be a very, VERY bad scene. (Reavers are coming - for those of you familiar with Firefly) anyway, one of the townspeople tries to catch a ride on the characters hovercraft and ends up getting shot because the captain says there's no room. This of course leads to a soul-searching moment later on in the movie. As I was watching this I started thinking about SR (which was kinda sad really..) and how my character would have reacted in the same situation. Which then led me to wonder about the ethics and morality in the SR world. My questions to all of you is: Do your characters have any sort of moral code? Is your portrayal of the SR world darker/lighter then others? How would your characters react in the above scenario? Just curious to see what kinds of games are out there. And, because I'm also interested in creating a darker environment for some of my players. So ideas are appreciated.

PS: Please forgive me if this is like the 300 billionth post on this subject.
Second item down, The Good Fight.
look here

or here
Just because there's a specific question on a specific situation:

Damian wouldn't have taken him, and would have shot him. Much like the movie.
Kincade would have just killed him.
Selene would dump the cargo, take him. But she's ever so slightly above a pacifist. Really loathes killing, although has been known to lose her temper and kill someone. Mercy kills haven't come up yet (They'd be allowed).
Catriana.. I don't know what she'd do to the man. She'd have manaballed the Reavers though? The mercy kill, yes, the kick him off the hovercraft, I don't know.

In general: All characters have moral codes, even Kincade. Kincade's is just really warped. No problem terrorizing someone, killing small groups.. but mass slaughters, and a few other crimes, he wouldn't touch -- and would take great pleasure in summarily executing people for. And he's also likely to be tremendously kind and comforting to someone alone in the dark.. doesn't get many chances to do that though.
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