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Full Version: Full VR Rigger Icons
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Are full-VR Riggers "visible" as icons to Hackers?

For instance, if a Rigger is controlling a vehicle via "full immersion" VR and a Hacker hacks into the Vehicle, can the hacker "see" the Rigger as an Icon (and thus "crash" the Rigger)? Or perhaps, in full VR, are the Rigger and vehicle computer considered "one" icon, and thus the Hacker must crash the *whole* system to "crash" the Rigger?
THat was asked already, practically verbatim in you must be the same person, lol...

My guess is no one answered because no one honestly knew. I would think that, VR-wise, you see the rigger in the system, it's just a more focused part of simming. Of course, there might be some Icon interaction that lets a hacker know what's going on, otherwise an analyze or whatever should easily point it out.

That said, I think you can easily choose to target drone or rigger. Trying to hurt the system will probably lead to a similar stun effect that riggers get from the outside world too, but I'm fully guessing there.
SL James
QUOTE (Redeye Flight by Jon Szeto)

I felt a simsense-induced stiffness in my lower leg. Angelfire's vehicle rig was warning that the tail rotor was acting improperly

Probably the funniest 22 words in SR fiction, next to:


At the same time, I balled both of my virtual hands into fists, activating the missile fire control system and arming two Vogeljäger air-to-air missiles.
If the rigger is running "Stealth", I think you would see the icon with a matrix perception test, just like seeing a person (in the real world) requires a perception test (assuming they are hiding, which any icon running a stealth program is assumed to be doing). If the rigger is not running Stealth, then I think you would see them normally without a test.

You can target either their persona, or the node they are on.
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