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Full Version: Conversions and some errors not in the Errata
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I finally got my grubby paws on a Shadowrun 4th Edition, but things are looking like I'll be running V:tR instead of Shadowrun, but no prob. I've got some free time.

One thing I noticed on page 276 were the entries for the Red Samurai Detachment and the Tir Ghosts. The Sammy is listed as having Medium Security Armor and the Ghosts with Form Fitting Body Armor, neither of which appear in the book. I know from my copy of the Street Samurai Catalog that both appeared in 3rd Edition, but I thought it kind of odd that they're listed in the 4th Ed with no rules.

That brings up another discussion: are there any official or fan made conversion guidelines for 3rd Edition equipment? My Search-fu didn't help me here.
fan made conversions dot the board but there are very few (character coversions only) to no conversion mechanics.....personally this really torqued me off cause my fav weapon has always been the AS-7 shotgun and its not in the main SR4 book
Red Sam: Full body Armor
Tir Ghost: Chameleon Suit

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