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Full Version: Tweeking Armor rules
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Hello everyone...I'm new to this forum...Ancient in SR(lol). I've been playing, off and on since the first edition. I'm also the RL friend of Deadjester...see his post on ammo changes.

Anyway my subject is this:

1. Sperate DV and AP as per damage applied (ie...DV is applied after armor pen.)

2. Armor works as automatic saves...similar to first edition.

3. Adjust armor values down alittle (ie...armored vest 4/3)

4. This should fix the ammo issue as far as DV = AP against armored targets.

Note: We ignore the stun rules for now.

Please give your input on this suggestion...Thanks.

That really wouldn't help that much.

1 - I'm not sure what you mean. DV is already applied after AP

2 - That would make armor much more powerful.

3 - That would ofset the extra power armor would no longer convert most attacks to stun.

4 - DV would still be better than AP. In fact, the two will be more equal than ever.
Ok...I think I need to explain how this rule change works.

In the current rules +1 DV = -1 AP when shooting at people with 1 point of armor or more. (ie...most people you are going to shoot at.)

My rule change is to apply AP and DV in two sperate calculated roles.

First you need to beat the armor value with AP mod. + net skill successes.

If you beat the armor value then you damage the target using DV + net skill successes.

This rule makes DV and AP completely sperate values with different net results in game terms.

Note : armor has a fixed save value that applies in both tests (ie...armor gives mitigation and armor save).
Why not just switch over to d20s and be done with it. nyahnyah.gif

Also, under the current rules, +1 DV = -3 AP.
Your average Predator user would have to roll 18 dice to hit someone wearing your modified Armored Vest by that rule.
...and we had thought that armor was too powerful. We tried half value for a few runs and quickly adopted the rules as they are in the book.

Plus, now it does not matter much whether you have a Body of 2 or 4, armor still protects your hide.

Advice: I would not touch that area of the combat rules (if you want more blood you can use the +2 to damage rule) more protection isn`t really necessary IMHO.

But, hey, it's your game, go for the fun.



our house rule is that net sucesses are not counted for +DV until after the damage of the gun + ammo + called shot is compared to the modified armor value. That makes it so that combat is less deadly.
QUOTE (MaxHunter)
Plus, now it does not matter much whether you have a Body of 2 or 4, armor still protects your hide.

Yeah, but it's a lot easier for the guy with 2 body to get knocked down.
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