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Full Version: Subtle Cyberware and Detection?
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I was talking with my GM about the game we are starting soon and one things that came to mind was how hard is it to detect sublte Cyberware.

I don't mean like limbs, spurs and com links and obvious stuff like that but more on the line of Wired Reflexes, Bioware, etc.

What level of detection would be needed for various ware like that. Such as Airport security and even tighter security.

Does Wired show up on a walk through X-Ray like at airports. Does beefed up organs show up differently on a walk through X-Ray? What about metel detectors and sonic equipment if they even use such.

Would Bioware be as easy as a quick blood sample or as hard as a culture sample and a lap work up?

These are questions I have cause not all our players are borged out and some went for the real subtle route but we are not sure how subtle is subtle for these grades of ware.

What types of security scanning equipment should you be concerned about when going places, what types of security do they even have by that year with such higher tech.


Bioware, to my knowledge of what I recall, doesn't pick up as far as metal detectors (which are what usually pick up the cyberware). Mind, there is probably a scanner for such things, but it's more awkward. You probably won't find many scanners if the majority of bioware is legal (I know one or two are forbiddens, but those are high grade stuff.)

Otherwise, the inside stuff is only detectable via something that can scan into you. a blood sample may give hints to certain things though. I'd have to say you need to go through the cyber list and pick out things that affect blood.

Your only other thing of note is the quality of the wares. basic, alpha, beta, etc.
probably the best way to detect any cyberware is a mage with a good assense roll. But for bio, assensing is still a good option, but also, since several bioware items increase living costs, you could find out by watching them eat.
Space Ghost
You need a blood or urine sample to detect bioware. All cyberware is pretty easy to detect, and Page 254 breaks it down on a table. Note that cyberware scanners (aka millimetre wave scanners) will also see guns, but MAD detectors see guns and not cyberware. The exception to this is non-plastic bone lacing, which specifically shows up on the MAD.
I cosnider the RAW cyberware detection ruls broken (to easy to detect everything in 3 seconds with a device so small, you can never see it) and have my own in SHP.
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Deadjester)
What types of security scanning equipment should you be concerned about when going places, what types of security do they even have by that year with such higher tech.

They point is less about being concerned (cyberware scanners are cheap, easy to install and reliable), but having your ware look legal... which, most of it, indeed is - for the rest, be a good citizen and carry licences.

A hot sim module is (without hacking) not to be distinguished from a perfectly legal cold one - as is a cyber eye, that just happens to carry a retinal duplication, or a voice modulator that can do a bit more than to let you sing like Mickey Mouse for your karaoke sessions...

As for bioware... trying to distinguish whether a modified nerval system is just the (licenced) synaptic booster or additional damage compensators is a nearly guarantied headache for all but the best medical analysts, awakened or not - without cutting you up.

As soon as you get into the higher grades, you may even evade scanners completly - which, when being assensed, may raise a brow about low essence...
You also need to remember what today;s SIN claims each piece of tech is.

Wouldn't due to claim your skillwires are a dyslexia prosthesis when your SIN says they are a technical training aid.
I would think there would probably be an ultrasound detector that would give you the relative location and size of organs. I can see this being a quick check, but the odds of finding the bioware would be less than finding cyberware.

If someone could get you under a MRI, CT / x-ray, or Nuclear med camera, I imagine it would be pretty easy to spot.
What I pursued my GM into allowing was the following. I purchased Cosmetic Modification on pieces of cyberware on whatever cost basis he liked to make my ware look like medically necessary ware, right down to tag emission when I let it run. If I wanted it to be more concealable I could purchase higher grade cosmetic modification.
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