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Full Version: Transformation and cyberware.
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What happens to cyberware after a transformation spell? Is it still operating and accessible or is it unusable? There are two type of transformation, the self only shape change and the against others transformation.

If I turn into a lion, and I have wired reflexes, am I a wired lion? Am I just a lion with lower essence?

If I turn a bad guy samurai into a newt, it he super cyber newt?

Have at it.
Calvin Hobbes
Cyberware is considered a "part of you" for all intents and purposes. If you are turned into a lion, the cyberware is also turned into lion parts.
Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (MitS p 148)
Cyberware, paid for with Essense, is transformed into the critter form but cannot be used in that form.
bless you thanks.

edit: and yes, I feel like a tool because it was RIGHT THERE in the description... why do you ask?
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