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Full Version: Ad hoc Cannon Companion martial arts conversion...
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At first glance it appears that many of the martial arts and manuevers from CC will translate fairly well to SR4. Without having the book on hand it seems like a guy could just substitute every TN modifier for a dice pool modifier and come with nearly the same result. This is off the cuff but I don't have the CC on me atm.

Thoughts? Anyone tried this and how did it work?
Rotbart van Dainig
Well, manevers indeed are partially usefull to translate, just martial arts themsleves are not: SR4 has a very different approach on Close Combat concerning skills.

It would be best to simply buy any desired maneuver for the chosen SR4 melee skill.
I got the book recently - I was tempted ty try a number of translations to SR4 style from MiTS and Canon, lol.

I would say that instead of getting +2 when specializing in martial arts, you instead buy your first manuver that way - thus starting one of the combat styles.

Of course, I haven't figured out how I would handle multiple styles - perhaps you pay the spec with each 'new' one, and as far as learning manuvers go - every two ranks gets you one. The cost system is different enough to cover that I think.

I wanna a familiar! lol, that looked soooo fun....even if it's the wrong book for this topic.
Rotbart van Dainig
Don't even try to bother with retrofitting the skill set.

Simply choose the maneuvers fitting for the style to be described and pay them - problem solved, what the character calls is style is fluff anyway.

That neatly solves the problem of weapon styles, too - just buy the maneuvers for the rest of the melee skills.
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