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Full Version: Codeslinger (or Codeblock) and Hacking In
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So the codeslinger and the codeblock qualities both modify the dice pool for a specific matrix action by either +2 or -2 (respectively). It also specifies that only matrix actions with an associated success test apply to these qualities. Now, if you look at page 219 under the heading Matrix Actions the sidebar lists all of them, of which only a subset apply for the above qualities.

Unless I'm missing something, though, the two breaking in actions (hacking on the fly and probing the target) are not listed in this sidebar. However, the text for Logging On (p. 220) states:

QUOTE ("SR4 p.220")
Logging on to a node with the proper passcodes does not require a test, but it does require a Complex Action (accessing a node without authorization requires hacking, see p. 221).

So, I'd say, then, that despite the fact that logging onto a node with proper credentials requires no test, one could use either of the above qualities for logging on to a node without those credentials. Do you all agree?

Now, assuming that you can use codeslinger/codeblock with the Log On action, would you have to specify whether or not the quality applies to Hacking on the Fly or Probing the Target, or do you feel it would apply to both?
It comes up rarely enough I would have it apply to both. For the most part it only really matters when you're hacking on the fly. Probing takes a long time any way you cut it and is very low risk--while you have an extremely high chance of detection hacking on the fly so you ought to be quick about it. In any event, both events are necessary much of the time, but aren't used nearly as often as some of the other commands. So it wouldn't be unbalanced to do it that way imo.
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