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Personafixes looked like an interesting BTL, especially in a roleplaying scenario, but how do they work again? It says skillsofts and mnemonic routines. If your BTL personality is, for example, James Bond played by Sean Connery, what's preventing you from picking up all the social and knowledge skills that go into the Bond character? What is this "RAS override" which I must have missed in a previous chapter? My search fu is weak.

And another thing. What if you were to make a personafix based on someone you knew? Or better yet, someone you captured... How effective are they at fooling others, given the right disguise? I'm certain nobody will notice a difference in behavior.

I'm also thinking of making some kind of "remote personafix" thing to enforce a temporary personality on someone else, possibly in spell form instead of wireless.
you take on the personality , but not necessarily the skill. A good example would be 'professional' baseball in SR. A number of the players use personafix chips and skillwires to play as the old greats. So you could have 'Dennis Eckersley' pitching against 'Babe Ruth'. THe Personafix and skillwires along with RAS override make them limited by the stats of the old players .So they're playing would equal up to the averages of the players.

RAS override basically means that your body doesn't move. So if it's a BTL ,the chip head's just going to sit there, unless it's set differently.

But as far as regualr persona chips go, not BTL's , they make a good way to infiltrate places. Imagine posing as a doctor, and having te personality, and alog with knowledge and skill wires, having the necessary knowledge and skills. THe personality over rides your own. Just make sure you have access to the off switch, and not someone else. biggrin.gif
When Joe Wageslave slots the Neil the Ork Barbarian P-fix it is highly likely that he will find himself attacking gangers with a 2-handed broadsword. Unless he has skillwires or is actually skilled with the weapon, he is SOL in combat.

When CHA 1 Troll ganger slots a James Bond P-fix he might try to seduce a beautiful enemy agent. Again, he is SOL unless he has a very high negoiation skill.
Reminds me of The Burning Time, when the team gave their 'insider' a Personafix of a trid-spy to do their work on the inside. Short story long, the 'agent' tried to attack a seraphim agent and got his butt kicked in short order.
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
RAS override basically means that your body doesn't move. So if it's a BTL ,the chip head's just going to sit there, unless it's set differently.

oh the body can move allright, its just a safeguard to stop you from moving based on the false sensory input that simsense generates.

mor correctly its a function that more or less all people have, as the brain use while we sleep to stop us from hurting ourselfs while dreaming.

i allso have a theory that it does not stop some kinds of cyberware from moving the body without you knowing it. this was one of the toughts that leads me to beliving that the old rigger cyberware was a limited kind of skillwire on top of all the rest, and that when rigging a bike this allowed the setup to use your body to balance the bike with no need for a gyroscope.

but this is a derailment, and allso old tech. the rigger cyber have gone way down in both price and essence cost, so how things work these days i dont have a clue about, yet...
it's not a derailement, the question was already answered. It's an explanation of a partiucal device.

The RAS override can be all or nothing BTW, as it is with cyber decks. but I agree with you that in the context of a chip, it wouldn't stop you from moving completely, rather limit your movements to what agrees with the persona. James Bond chip, for example, won't allow you to pick your nose, even if it is a nasty habit of yours to go gold mining whenever confronted by a pretty frail with a name that just screams "I have VD", much like skillwires.

Regualr BTL's may completely restirct a persons ability to move for their own health. As much as a BTL chip does anything for you own health anyways, to keep you from running out in to traffic while you're tripping that you're the "King of the World", on a great big ship, and that this "Kate" chick is acutally attractive and digging you big time. But that kind of defeats the purpose of a personafix. With "regular" BTL's ,you experiance a fantasy. With Personafix, you act out that fantasy real time, "real" world.
sorry, i wasnt clear. i was refering to my rigger comment when i talked about derailment...
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