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Wyrm Fanboy
Celedyr posts under the pseudonym of "Script-Diver" right? But Hestaby is immensely amused by this. She says "LOL! Wind Master would be amused by the wordplay."

Am I missing something here? Script = languages. Diver = Digging into dirt. This seems appropriate. But is there any more wordplay to this? It's kind of lame. I'm expecting more.

Am I missing something or just not in tune to the draconic sense of humor?
Ancient History
It might have something to do with Celedyr's archeological forays to discover ancient writings and languages. Or something else. Who knows what humor lurks in the hearts of dragons?

...the Shadow knows.
The Shadow, now there would be a cool character to have, NPC or PC even.
SL James
Not as cool as Chuck Norris.
Well that's a given, NOTHING is as cool as Chuck Norris.
the association i immediately thought of was Perl, the programming language. Celedyr is a high-end programmer; it's not a big leap to assume he's at least heard of Perl. the name is sorta a play on words; Perl script, pearl, pearl diver, Script-Diver. Perl isn't still in use in 2060, but scripts are. there are a lot of associations there.
Well, theres also the fact that his title among other dragons is Stone Diver....
And his archeological forrays benefit greatly from the ability to dive into stone, donīt they?

Altough Iīd have said that stone-diver=earthroot, mentor of Celedyr. Must check sometime.
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