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Full Version: Crossing the border around seattle
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Simple question to see if someone has found a description of what security is like in trying to cross both ways.
This is addressed in several books. Those I can remember it being in OTOH are New Seattle and Shadows of North America.
There are also a few old adventures, where crossing the border is detailed.

I run it as being very dynamic, depending on current events. As often as practical (for trade) the border is like the US-Canada border, or even state borders (ie, nothing). There is probably just a camera to capture licence plates entering and leaving.

Either nation can change the security with relatively little notice. It is just a matter of opening up the inspection lanes and getting the manpower out there.
If done by air the security will be tighter as Sea-Tac will require the registration of a flight plan and will record and check vehicle registration and pilot's license etc. Getting through by ground is generally easier. How vigilant the Metroxplex Guard is being will vary greatly depending on what is going on at the time. If the authorities are worrying more about smugglers that month then things will be tougher.

Basically as a GM you can make it as difficult or easy as you want.
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