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Full Version: Harlequin, 3rd ed.
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Getting ready to run Harlequin using 3rd ed. rules. I was wondering if anyone has already gone through the trouble of updating stats for 3rd ed (particularly the decking portions)?

If so, could you either post a link or send me a copy?

Thanks in advance.
Ah, geeze. I think I did exactly this conversion at one point. Try searching. I'll look, too, and edit this if I find it.


It's tucked in a spoiler about half way down the page.

EDIT2: I'm mildly disturbed that that was thread 91 on this version of the board. I feel old now.
The Spanish translation of Harlequin ("Arlequín") has updated stats for SR3.

Thanks, Tink- you da man!
Very handy, thanks!
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