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I'm wondering...does anyone know if there is plans to resurrect the Shadowrun fiction line to go with the new setting?
from what we've heard so far, there's the line of novels that are supposed to be set in the early-to-mid sixties. 6 of which are "in the line". There's nothing 'official' saying that there will be 4th edition novels so far, because the first 6 have to go through first. Besides, there was no 'official' 4th edition until a couple of months before it came out. And they have been talking about more novels as soon as the first of the 6 that were already written came out. Most likely they want to see how the first 6 do. Adam or someone will probably pop in and clarify, but it's been asked a few times before, and that's the jist of it.
Ah. OK. Thanks.

These there any details? release dates? titles? authors?
First 3 are a trilogy by Steve Kenson. First two are out called Born to Run and Poisoned Memories. No name that I know of on the third

4th book, not in a connected series, is by a guy that posts on here, JM Hardy. I don't recall the name, but it sounded really cool, and was about a burned out mage.

There's a bunch of lack luster reviews (IMO) on Born to Run on the site. Just run a search.
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