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Full Version: FanPro D Newsletter March 2006
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FanPro D Newsletter March 2006, Shadowrun Section, condensed and translated by M$T1C

On The Run (German version) is at the printers. With two to three weeks printing time it should hit stores in March.
The book is unusually thin at only 64 pages but it will cost only 10 Euro. For the money you get a solid, highly detailed adventure that gradually introduces all aspects of the SR game world - including location maps and descriptions, full NPC stats and loads of GM advice.
As the adventure progresses not only the background but also the rules are introduced piece by piece to deepen the players' understanding of SR until all pieces come together in the adventure's final encounter.
Thus, OTR is suited for beginners as well as anybody looking for a detailed introduction to the SR4 rules.
The German version will include the following bonus content:
The SR3-to-SR4 conversion rules also available from and handouts of all location maps.

Game Master Screen and Information Booklet (German version):
The booklet is already fully translated and edited, the rest of the material is expected at the time this newsletter goes out.
Scheduled release: late March.

After widespread customer dissatisfaction concerning the editing of the German version of Loose Alliances and SR4 core book FanPro has has taken steps to improve editing quality:
A team of freelance second-level-editors has been formed who already worked on On The Run.

SR short movie competition
All movies are available for download in both big and small version.
Entries for the next competition are being accepted.
looking forward to this, if nothing else, for an example of SR4 hacking. Would've been nice to have a nice new shiny GM screen though.
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