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Full Version: 80s anime ninja short kimono ratty loincloth power
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Wounded Ronin
These are physad powers that can be used to physad ninjas who are actually 80s anime characters complete with painfully short kimonos and loincloths. It's my tangential answer to the wall climbing thread.

Crotch-flashing backflip
Cost: 1

A convention of 80s ninja anime and film was that backflipping was this uniform infallible method of evasion. This is probably because flashing your loincloth teabag repeatedly at your opponent really messed up his aim. With a complex action the adept may begin backflipping and flashing his teabag; note that this power only works if you have a loincloth teabag to flash. The backflipping lasts until the adept's next action, although it may be cancelled with a free action.

While backflipping the adept gains a -2TN bonus to any dodge tests. If the adept is attacked in melee combat while backflipping he may not counter attack because he's flipping but rather must use Full Defense. A -2TN bonus applies to the Full Defense dodge test.

Using the backflipping move forces you to move your running speed backwards. Use caution with this move if you just swung in though a skyscraper window.

80s anime ninja angst
Cost: 1

Another convention of 80s ninja anime was that short kimono ninjas needed to have angst regarding their relationships with their usually absent fathers. This was probably based on how a lot of Japanese kids' dads would have spent a lot of time at work and not a lot of time at home, because in SR there's always room for psychoanalysis.

Regardless, this power lets the adept tell someone about their angst in such a melodramatic, hackneyed, and wussy manner that the listener ends up zoning out most of what the adept says. After using this power for 10 minutes on someone that person recieves a +2 TN penalty to any Negotiation related tests that he or she must make against the adept.

"Blah blah blah blah angst angst blah blah blah blah father blah can I have the cyberskull?"

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah uh huh uh huh uh huh sure..."

Power teabag
Cost: 1

By pressing his or her loincloth against someone who is unable to resist the adept automatically inflicts a D wound on the victim regardless of toughness, pain dampeners, magic, or whatever. This is useful support for someone who Entangles or perhaps for an enveloping elemental. (Although I'd caution anyone against pressing their groin through a fire elemental.)

Essence-draining teabag
Cost: 3

By pressing his or her loincloth against someone who is unable to resist for 10 minutes the adept is able to drain 1 point of essence from the victim and heal 10 boxes of physical damage to him or herself. In the case of someone with less than one point of essence the process still takes 10 minutes and 1 box is healed per 0.1 point of essence.

Cost: 1

In anime it's important to cough up blood to show how bad you're hurt before walking off the injury and glibly returning to kick ass. If the adept has at least a S wound during a combat he or she may waste a complex action coughing up blood. Each full combat turn wasted in combat where the adept avoids helping the party and instead just wastes time coughing up blood during each action in that turn will give the adept a bonus karma point.

"Don't heal me. This wound looks real good."

Teabag transformation
Cost: .25

This power treats us to a time dilated nude transformation sequence where whatever the adept was wearing before is ripped away and ceases to exist and is replaced with a ratty 17th century short kimono complete with a particularly rancid loincloth that has never seen detergent. The entire process requires only a free action.

For game balance issues this won't let you automatically escape from restraints.

The purpose of this power is to 1.) ensure that an adept with teabag-specific powers will always be able to have access to those powers and 2.) make forgetful players destroy their FFBA and layered armor jacket.

Ninja Gaiden 1 wall clinging
Cost: 1

In response to the wall clinging thread I've written this power. The adept may leap onto a wall and magically cling there but may not actually move around on the wall. Moving about on the all requires a normal Athletics check to represent spin jumping off the wall and trying to veer back onto it so as to land at a slightly higher height. This is probably best used in conjunction with Great Leap so you can simply jump between two walls to climb faster.

Only one-handed weapons may be used when this power is engaged. Katanas may always be used when this power is engaged.

Ninja Gaiden II wall clinging
Cost: 2

This is an improved version of the above power. Firstly, it lets you cling to ceilings too, which is super innovative. Secondly, it lets you climb about on walls or ceilings, although to climb on ceilings you just let your legs dangle down and cling with only your hands.

Moving about on walls or ceilings is "automatically" successful with this power. Movement is at 1/2 the character's normal walking rate.

Only one-handed weapons may be used when this power is engaged. Katanas may always be used when this power is engaged.
emo samurai
I'll probably regret this, but could you please show me a picture of an example of said cliche? I'm not aware of this convention.
Wounded Ronin
Here, like this:

emo samurai
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I wish the woman was dressed in that, not Toshiro Mifune. His man-thong in Seven Samurai was 73|-| 4vvP|-|UL.
WR, how do you come up with this stuff? It was all I could to do keep from laughing my head off. rotfl.gif
grumbles: "...and people complain about the craziness over the drop bear thread..."
Not after THAT we wont...
*goes to bleach his eyes*
Kyoto Kid
Seems KK hooked up with the wrong sensei when she was in Kyoto.
emo samurai
QUOTE (TinkerGnome)

Oddly appropriate, considering your username.
This is for 4th edition ninjas because they're extra special.

Ninja Grunting - Flaw (+5/+7)
You grunt loudly or yell while attacking, counterspelling, using Edge, or using adept powers with temporary effects (such as Attribute Boost). This provides -2 initiative on surprise tests while ambushing, and +2 dice pool modifier on perception tests made against you. For an additional 2 BP, you glow with chi energy while grunting, providing +2 dice on Astral perception or Assensing tests made against you. Can only be taken by characters with adept or mystic adept qualities, and can only be taken once.

Jutsu Power Attack - Quality (10 BP)
You specialize in a particular combat spell, because you are awesome. Chose one combat spell and assign it a name or phrase. Announcing the spell's name or phrase while casting it provides +2 dice on the Spellcasting test. Can only be taken by characters with the Mystic Adept quality, and may only be taken once.
emo samurai
Way of the Ninja- Quality (10 BP)
You are expert at making shit up about ninja honor and bullshido spirituality. When pontificating on the way of the ninja, make an instruction+charisma test; the number of hits adds dice to each interaction with all characters who listen.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (emo samurai)

My two-fisted-katana-wielding-six-gun-slinging namesake adept who spent several years at a Dojo in Kyoto.
That's it, next Adept NPC in my campaign is an old man with loincloth powers and his street name is "Weeaboo." He's the best martial artist Quartzite AZ has to offer!
Wounded Ronin
Rock and roll. Post session transcripts!
did someone just say "weeaboo"? 'cause i think i just heard someone say "weeaboo".
emo samurai
I really don't get that specific strip.
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