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Full Version: Why Wireless?
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I understand the why of wireless with respect to the game setting and the uses, both for the PC and for GM mayhem; however, how do you think that the general public would react to someone who chooses not use a commlink or that only buys things without wireless capability?

The reason that I ask is becuase I am thinking of hualing an old SR2 Charater out of retirement. He was older to start with and had most of his cyber due to age. (He got tired of arthritis and got articulated joints, couln't see as well and got cybereyes, etc.) His personality is modeled on my grandfather who can't operate a remote control for his TV and frankly doesn't want to learn.

Probably John Q public wouldn't care, really. They'd see a backwards, unfortunate person. Kids wouldn't understand him, adults might pity him, but they'd let him do his own thing.

However, if he ever went into a building requiring wireless data to be available (i.e. SIN or other identification) he'd be politely asked to take his commlink off of passive mode. When they find out he doesn't have a commlink, reactions would differ from those above to -- for the more security minded -- perhaps even ejection.

Lastly, if I were working with this person on a shadowrun, I'd by him a freaking commlink if only so that we could communicate via wireless. Let him think of it as a glorified telephone. Buy it, load it with encrypt and let him go to town.
kigmatzomat've got a mercenary who refuses to use a radio or carry a passport? Seems like you've got a character who has a niche career and never, ever leaves it. Unless he has some gawdawfully useful trick (usually being a mage of some fashion) I don't see many teams putting up with the hassle.
Actually he was a very highly paid sniper. But yeah, he didn't go far from home.
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