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Full Version: Ghoul Infection
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Bullet Raven
I'm interested to know whether any of you guys have made your own SR4 infection rules or not. The Shadowrun Companion 3rd Ed rules are OK but I'm not sure how they'll actually transpose to SR4

For a start I've considered that the raw body vs essence roll would be an opposed test between the two characters as opposed to (how I understand it) using the essence score as a TN. I'm not sure whether there are additional considerations or not.

From there, I have the necessary stat changes from another thread along a similar line which didn't actually touch on accidental infection, just from starting characters as Ghouls.

The Vampiric Infection rules work well enough - an opposed Charisma + Magic vs. Body + Willpower test. Interestingly, that means that most people bit by Ghouls would not be in any danger of transforming (Ghouls having very low Magic and Charisma attributes).

Of course, the 4th edition Ghoul does not have the Pestilence ability, so Ghoul Transformation has been transfered back to being a Story effect.

Bullet Raven
Yeah I read that on here today, disappointing smile.gif

Ah well, I promised my players they'd die horribly and so it shall be!

That's a good idea to use the essence drain roll instead, I'll give that a try. Thanks!
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