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Full Version: Dealing ibogaine, or its refined 2070 version.
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emo samurai
There's a drug being tested now called ibogaine that basically cures people of addictions and self-destructive behavior in general by giving them shamanic visions of what led to their addictions; what would be the moral ramifications of a character going around and dealing it to people in the Sprawl? What would he have to know in order to make it himself? How much would it cost him? How much would he make per pop? And would people kill him for doing it?
Given that some people are already working on a version that does not have the halluciagenic properties, I would assume that the descendent of ibogaine would be readily available for purchase ( nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif ) and easily made assuming that the person has access to the iboga plant.

Now, the interesting part would be what happens to the iboga plant during the Awakening. Given that it has halluciagenic properties now, what if it is the source of deepweed? grinbig.gif

Seriously though, I would think that drug addictions could easily be cured but where is the profit in that? Your hypothetical character could make it and distribute and would gain a positive rep with those that want out of addiction, their families, employers, etc. However, you would be in deep with organized crime as you are drying up a revenue source. The degree to which they get upset would be directly proportional to your success and to the area to affected.
Cure people's drug addictions by making them addited to your drug. Brilliant.

Remember, the first taste is free then they own you.
emo samurai
It's not addictive, though. And I think only a person who could physically mask himself well so that no one can target him would be able to do this successfully.
I'm not that familiar with ibogaine. Does it cure or does it manage? Cure means you take the substance and the root of the problem is permanently eliminated without a requirement of further doses. That is a much different situation than something that only supresses the symptoms for as long as it is taken, which is not a cure.
QUOTE (emo samurai)
...that basically cures people of addictions and self-destructive behavior in general...

Just about the only thing that can do that, across the board with all the complexities of the human brain, is death.

There are many levels of addiction, abuse, and dependency. For example, there are users, abusers, and addicts. There is a difference between physical and mental dependence. Etc... There are some detox treatments which use chemicals to strip various substances left by drug use from the neurons in your body. It is sort of like a chemical reboot. This has all sorts of benefits.

But it doesn't solve the number one problem with living in a dystopia where you can relive the best night of someone else's life with the flick of a switch. That problem, that flaw, is the knowledge sitting somewhere in the back of your brain that says pressing that button just feels too fragging good to pass up.

Besides, if you've got a instant fix-it cure like this ibogaine lying around, what could go wrong? Right? Pop a pill and you're cured. Pharmacorps have got to love that. Selling cures for cures.
Well, from what I've read, rats who are on thi drug shoot up morphine and cocaine less often while on it. The key words there are less often.
emo samurai
By 2070, they'll probably have a refined version that works really well. And they'll probably keep it for themselves.
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