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Hey All,

Any idea how many vision enhancements you can put in a pair of sunglasses? I want Thermo, Vision Enhance, Vision Mag, Flare and Low Light. There dosen't seem to be any capacity rules mentioned here.

And 2,

What would you charge for a Rating 6 (all 4 attributes) commlink?
As many as you would like, but most enhancements add to the availability--availability cap for starting gear is 12. So it's limited at chargen, but not really afterwards.

You can't begin with a rating 6 all attributes commlink, but I would charge 17100 (8k for the response chip, 3k for the signal radio, 6000 for rating 6 system + firewall, 100 for the metalink case to put it in.)
You can cram anything into sunglasses.. .there isn't capacity, but the availability goes up (the more you want crammed in, the smaller and more specific the pieces need to be, I guess).

As for the commlink, they have rules for pricing upgraded components, and the availability for them. You bascially need to buy the rating 6 responce chip, radio signal, and system and firewall programs, and then install them in another commlink. If an NPC did this beforehand, the price would be the price fothe components + time & labor on the part of the NPC.

The availaibility on the item would be ~16 though, so he could probably charge a good deal over market price if the PCs wanted it NOW. Otherwise, the PCs need to go get all of those pieces, and assemble them, or make one roll for the whole thing, but either way the availability will be around 16.
I guess that I missed the adding to availability when I read through the book the first time. (Just finished it for the first time yesterday.) Please provide page number for ths.

The vision enhancement table on page 324.

Each visual device has a base availability, from - (0) for glasses to 12 for mage sight goggles. Lowlight raises the availability by 4, Flare comp by 2, etc.
Starting Availability is listed on page 84 under Gear.
Bullet Raven
Does that work the same for cybereyes? The values on the table aren't +something but it doesn't make sense that you could get the addons quicker than the actual eye.

Can anybody confirm this for me?
With cybereyes it is limited by the capacity of the eye.
Bullet Raven
ah brill, thanks.
Thyme Lost
Really Silly idea.

6:: Contact Lenses:
4:: +Smart Link
2:: +Flare Comp
0:: +Image Link

0:: Glasses:
4:: +Low Light
4:: +Vision Enhancement(3)
2:: +Vision Magnification
0:: +Image Link

So, With A Comlink, Contacts Lenses, and Glasses, can you get most of the mods at Char Gen?

i didnt think you could stack the abilities of the contacts with the glasses or something like that
some can, some can't... its kind of a common-sense thing.

Like, if your contacts have "ultrasound" on them, and then you wear glasses over them, all you will see with the ultrasound is the insides of your glasses.

Also, they don't say it in the BBB, but I suspect it will be cleared up in Arsenal... in SR3, the capacity of a cybereye wasn't how much stuff could be crammed in there, it was how much stuff could be crammed in there for free. After that, the eye mods cost essence again.

Otehrwise, someone with a normal eye could get every eye mod (but would pay a lot of essence) and someone with a completely inorganic eye could't fit those same mods into it. Sort of silly.
QUOTE (BlackHat)
Otehrwise, someone with a normal eye could get every eye mod (but would pay a lot of essence) and someone with a completely inorganic eye could't fit those same mods into it. Sort of silly.

In theory, yes. However, right now, you can fit every eye mod into the Rating 4 cybereye (excluding the drone option) and it comes with a couple of items for free.

You should really be able to add vision mods to the protective covers mod, too. If you can put it in a contact, you should be able to put it into a cover.
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