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Full Version: How do you get involved in "Enter the Shadows"?
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Wounded Ronin
OK. I've been posting on DSF for a while, and of course I've been aware of "Enter The Shadows",

How exactly is someone supposed to get involved in a game there? I never really understood that. Do people usually set something up by email or something and then start a thread with a few people?

If someone could enlighten me, I'd be really appreciative.
Usually the GM announces that he'll be starting a game, outlines character creation, and takes submissions. Many times this is called a recruitment thread.
Yeah, from what I gather, it's pretty much a matter of "wait and watch" to catch one when it's just starting.

I wonder if it would be poor form to post a "Player looking to fill an open slot in ongoing game" thread there? If it's not a faux pas, you could try that.
There is an ongoing game, Living in the Shadows, that should accept characters on an ongoing basis. Unless they have further changed their policy.
There have been remarkably few new games start up in the last few months. Patience will, eventually, be rewarded, though.

I do know I'm going to start a ganger game in the near future. Hopefully, it'll be half a game and half a piece of collaborative fiction, though. Not quite your nomral SR.
Wounded Ronin
Maybe I'll try posting something there saying I'm looking to participate in a new game. I might as well; I think it would be really easy to miss something otherwise.
Wounded Ronin
OK scratch that. I just decided that I can try and get involved in TG's thing.
I just started to run one of these on another forum, i think it's a great way to runa game.
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