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Full Version: Another Adept Question
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I am looking for a reference on adepts. I don't have my book here at work today, so I thought I was ask my fellow shockheads about this.

In 3rd ed an adept could only have X number of powers going where X=Magic Rating. Is this still enforced? I have a game this Saturday and I am building an Elven Face Social Adept. He has Magic 5 Kinsethics 5levels 1level in Improved Skill in both Con and Negotiations with a Charisma of 7. As well as Improved Perception 2 and Combat Sense 3levels.

Can I have all active at once?
Yes, you still get 1 Power Point per point of Magic.

The powers you listed should add up to 5, yeah.

I don't believe there is any limit on how many adept powers you can have going at one time, only the limit on how many you can have period (your magic rating.)
You're probably thinking about the geasa rules. I think those rules limited you to (magic) points worth of powers active at one time, even though you might have another point or two of powers.
Spiffy. My SA is not combat oriented at all. Hell his pisol skill is only a 2. He knows which way to point the thing. I tied up most of his skill in Infiltration and Influence groups and picked up perception and intimidation as well. True to form at chargen he is a one-trick pony.
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