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Full Version: The VR Experience
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When hackers (or even Joe Wageslave) enter the Matrix in full VR, how do you describe the experience? The old Matrix was a sea of floating icons, but what about the Matrix 2.0? A giant spider's web of interconnecting nodes? A trip through overlapping electron clouds? Just wondering how the average user sees the new wireless Matrix when going full VR...
Eryk the Red
I don't get the feeling it's changed that much. It's still filled with icons relating to a metaphor specific to the system at hand. I think that it's a little 'shinier', probably. The tech is better and Matrix designers more skillful. Don't think of Tron, unless the system is specifically designed to be 'retro'. I imagine the Matrix is more vivid now, combining more of the senses, even taste or smell to create a unique sensory experience. There's no reason the environment can't seem very artificial and cyberspace-y, but it doesn't have to. It could seem rather realistic. Or cartoon-like. The limitations, in terms of the game world, would be merely imagination, and the time, talent and tech available to the system designers.
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