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Full Version: Little Change to Stun Track
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I haven't had a chance to playtest this yet, but what's everyone's opinions on House Ruling the Stun Damage Track to 8+1/2 Body and Willpower?

It's kinda funny to me that you can knock a gigantic Body 9 Troll out a lot easier with Stun Damage then with Lethal- I'm actually worried that one or two of my players might ditch armor alltogether (still not wise, but they're players- go figure).
just realize that makes mages able to cast even longer, since they would also have a longer stun track.
Change it to 8+1/2 Body or Willpower?
emo samurai
Sounds good. I think getting knocked out from taking too many bullets to an armored vest is more of a physical thing than a mental one, anyway.
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