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Straight Razor
I was always fasanated be the intelegent Houyhnhnm horses of gulliver's travels.
Anyone got some good run ideas for this one.
Ancient History
Centaur youths sell their services to Lone Star as "mounted police units" to afford nanotattoos so they can have zebra stripes just like their idol, simsensation Mrs. Zed (Now starring in a new simsense with Karl Kombatmage!)
That's simultaneously so retarded and so awesome that I think you made my brain explode, AH.

Who needs a baton when you're riding something that can kick a dude in the face on command with Chuck Norris-level power?
Chuck Norris? Noooooo!!!
Not again!!!
Fine, how about Jack Churchill, then?

Have _you_ killed a nazi with a longbow? He has! And he _exists_. Or, rather, existed.

Seriously. This guy warrants statting up in both SR3 and SR4.
eek.gif eek.gif Holy Thread Jack Batman eek.gif eek.gif
your talking about the horses that think there superior to humans and that can talk right?
oh, by the by. jack churchill rocks the big one.. more bad@** than a troll adept.
QUOTE (Nyxll @ Mar 8 2006, 11:59 PM)
eek.gif eek.gif Holy Thread Jack Batman  eek.gif eek.gif

AH won the thread. There's nothing left to do with it but Jack.
Ancient History
Man, I didn't even have to do the Houyhnhnms Whisperer adept build or or the run where a Horse shaman acts as Mr. Johnson to hire the shadowrunners to take out a rogue Centaur stallion and his ranch (which offers carnal encounters with paranormal equines to impressionable young centaurs, and is considered obscene by the tradition-bound Centaur elders).
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