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Full Version: Seattle By Camera
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It's raining out, and I got to thinking "boy, this is what Seattle looks like half the time, or about 90% of the time in Shadowrun."

Then it occurred to me... I've got this digital camera.

Who would be interested in seeing random photographs of Seattle as it currently is, with captions and occasional sarcastic commentary from a Shadowrun GM who lives here? If I could get someone willing to get me some web hosting, I could drop the images right in this topic.
I'd Help out with photography if you want. Also I have a personal website that has been badly negelected for a while, I probably have some extra space.
Great idea. I'd love to see this.
I can also provide webspace for the pictures if needed. Just send a pm.
SL James
And here I am, a sucker for using Flickr.
Sorta realated to your idea. If you want some detailed areial shot, check out Google Earth I plan on using this for all sorts of things.
I'd be willing to host them on my site. I'm doing up an SR4 resources page, anyway, and this would fit nicely.
The minute I find the adapter that lets my camera talk to my computer, y'all will start seeing the pictures.

I'd like to be able to post the pictures directly into a forum topic rather than having links (which will make it modem-unfriendly). I'm looking into the various options. Thanks to those of you who offered webspace, I might be in touch.
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