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Full Version: California Free State
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In 2070, it appears that CalFree lost even more land. The Northern Crecent remains the same, but it appears that the Pueblo Corporate Council has moved in to take over LA and the Death Valley area.

The SR4 book does not speak to this much. Does anyone know how the PCCs took more land from Cal? Thx.

i think the book to check is system failure (or whatever the title was).
pcc taking over la was in yotc.
The loss of land to an earthquake and much of la sinking underwater is outluined in the fic at the beginning of sr4
SL James
No, nothing explains the PCC's further enlargement into California since it moved into southern California in 2061. However, some of the area that was newly-acquired (alongside the entire Ute Nation) in Cal is just swell.
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