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Full Version: Everyday Gear for Runners item 3
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So I was going to do this one as a poll, but decided I'd rather have it open for more suggestions.

Tape can be the Runners best friend, but what kinds to you find yourself packing?

Duct Tape is popular, in fact according to some engineers without Duct Tape nothing could ever be made air tight.

Electrical Tape comes in that nice dull black color, is stretchy and non-conductive.

There is Teflon Tape for sealing pipe threading.

Double Sided tape has lots of uses too.

Paper tape for labels

Packing tape?

Any ideas for smart tapes involving NanoTechnology or special Chemicals?

Also if for some reason your teams carry other adhesives around, let us know what you use them for.

Duct Tape and Electrical Tape for sure.
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