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Full Version: pregen char Hacker
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Can someone explain how the Hacker in SR4 pg.96 can get a Comlink with all stats=5? I can't see how that's possible or maybe I just don't understand how it works. I don't see anything in the FAQ or errata.

Can anyone offer an explaination?


Those rules are hidden on page 240, "Commlink Customization".
Guye Noir
Rather than rely on a commlink's OS to get high system and firewall ratings, a hacker can opt to buy seperate system and firewall programs each up to rating 6. The prices for these programs are listed on page 321 and their descriptions are on page 225. A rating 5 system and firewall would each cost 2,500 nuyen.gif. It is also possible to upgrade the response and signal ratings of a commlink according to the 'hardware upgrade cost' table on page 240. A response at rating 5 would cost 4,000 nuyen.gif and a signal at rating 5 would cost 1,000 nuyen.gif
LOL, thanks for pointing out the forest for the trees.
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