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Full Version: Toxic Spirits
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Are there any stats for Toxic Spirits and Toxic Shamans in the SR4 core book? I finished reading it yesterday and did not see them. Or are they going to be included in the upcoming magic sourcebook?
The intention is that they appear in Street Magic. However, SR4 magic has a reductionist model of spirits - Water Elementals, Spirits of the Rivers, and Undines are all game mechanically "Water Spirits" and there is a power list that spirits can select optional abilities off of.

A Toxic Lake spirit is still a Water Spirit game mechanically speaking, it probably has a couple of extra powers like Noxious Breath and Corrosive Secretions. Also it has an additional weakness of Allergy to Distilled Water.

So even though they haven't been statted up, they aren't difficult to convert.

there are no stats for them.

i don't believe toxic spirits have made it into any of the first rule books for SR3 in it's history actually.

i would imagine it will either be in street magic (my personal guess) or running wild (if that's still what they're calling it). certainly, i don't think they'd make you wait too long...
Thanks for replying guys. I kind of figured it would be Street Magic as it makes the most sense to include it in it. Here's hoping they are actually in it.
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