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Full Version: Shedim conversions anyone?
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Well, It's kind of self-explanatory, but I am wondering what shedim stats would be for SR4, and I do not have much time for number crunching right now.
(work, work, work, it's such a nuisance!)

Maybe one of us has already done it and I can spare the effort for another, more threatening endeavour.

Help, anyone?



PS: JWK, seems like job's boring there too. nyahnyah.gif
Actually, I am looking for that sort of thing too. I've recently been asked by my group to take over the helm of GM for our SR game, and after reading parts of Year of the Comet, these nasty critters seem to be what I was looking for.

Like MaxHunter, I don't have the time. Work, family, other major projects on the go. It's going to be difficult enough to write up a couple of runs for my players!

Any suggestions or help would be really appriciated!

I did something similar with bug spirits a while back.
My research turned up that the basic spirits have the same stats as their SR3 counterparts so I just ported the bugs as are through systems.
Had to mod reaction a bit if I recall correctly.

I see no reason why this shouldn't work with the shedim.

Now that gives me an idea!

I've got a conversion at home, but I recall it only taking about 5 minutes. Most of the rules translate directly over.
Ok, cool! I'll give that a shot then.

Here's what I wrote down. Please note a lot of this is a verbatim rip directly from the book, so I apologize if in the process of posting this I've broken any copyright laws.

[edit: Also, this is in no way a full attempt at a conversion, merely the notes I used on my laptop when Shedim were present in my game.]

Shedim Powers:
Type: M • Action: Complex • Range: LOS • Duration: Special
Th e Fear power gives a being the power to fill its victims
with overwhelming terror. The victim will race in panic for the
nearest point of apparent safety, and will not stop until he is out
of sight and a safe distance away. Th e critter makes a Willpower
+ Magic Opposed Test against the target’s Willpower. The terror
lasts for 1 Combat Turn per net scored by the critter. Even after
that point, the target must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma
(critter’s net hits) Test to return or face the critter again.

Noxious Breath
Type: P • Action: Complex • Range: special • Duration: Instant
Th e critter can project a nauseating stench to incapacitate
victims. Treat it as an inhalation vector toxin attack (Speed:
Immediate, Power: critter’s Magic, Eff ect: Stun damage, nausea;
see p. 245). Armor does not help resist this damage, but
respiratory protection will (see the Toxin Protection table, p.
245). Th is blast of breath extends in a cone out to (Body) meters,
and can catch up to two targets who are within one meter
of each other

Type: P • Action: Auto • Range: Self • Duration: Always
A critter with Regeneration rapidly heals any Physical
damage. At the end of a Combat Turn, make a Magic + Body
Test. Each hit regenerates 1 point of Physical or Stun damage.
If a critter has already taken enough damage to enter
into Physical damage overflow, the critter is not considered
dead until it has had a chance to make a Regeneration Test.
After a critter has made a Regeneration Test, if the damage
overflow is still greater than the critter’s Body attribute, then
the critter is dead.
Certain types of damage cannot be regenerated from this
power. Damage to the brain or spinal cord (for example, from
a called shot to the head) cannot be healed this way. Likewise,
magical damage from weapon foci, combat spells, critter/
adept powers, or other magic may not be healed through
Regeneration. If the critter has an Allergy, the critter cannot
regenerate damage until the allergen’s presence is removed.

Deathly Aura
Type: P • Action: Free • Range: Special • Duration: Sustained
A shedim with the deathly aura power exudes an aura of primordial fear and decay from its vessel. The aura extends in a radius equal to the spirit’s force in meters. The aura has several effects:
First, a noticeable chill affects everyone within range. A metahuman’s breath will create fog in the chill, which raises goosebumps on skin as well. The chill is not severe enough to freeze water, however.
Second, the aura triggers the decay of all organic matter in the area of effect. Food spoils, plants wither and die, wood rots and natural textiles weaken and fray. The effect is not strong enogh to affect living metahumans and critters, though it does kill insects and small animals such as mice.
Third, the deathly aura fills living creatures with a paralyzing sense of panic. The first time a character enters the area of effect of a shedim’s aura, he must make a Willpower (Force) test. If the test succeeds, he is scared, but remains in control. If the test fails, an unreasoning terror pierces his heart and he is immediately paralyzed and unable to take any action other than whimpering and soiling his pants. At the end of each subsequent Combat Turn, the character may attempt an opposed test between his willpower and the Shedim’s force rating. If the test succeeds. The character breaks out of the aura’s grip and may act normally.
Shedim that possess the Aura Masking power can use that power to “Turn off” a deathly aura.

Karma Drain
Type: P • Action: Exclusive • Range: Touch • Duration: Sustained
A shedim who manages to touch a character can use this power to suck Karma away from the character’s life force. The shedim may need to succeed in an Unarmed Combat test to touch it’s victim.
To drain away karma, the shedim must succeed in an opposed test between it’s force and the victim’s willpower. Each two net successes allows it to drain one point of karma.
The draining process is incredibly painful to the victim, who is struck with wrenching side effects such as cramps, dizziness, and nausea. The victim takes a single box of physical damange for each karma drained.
The damage caused by this power manifests in several ways. Many victims actually suffer from a withering effect that dries their skin and gives them a hollow, haunted look. Other victims have been known to develop signs of premature aging, such as white hair, hair loss or wrinkles. Some shedim have been known to literally consume the bodies of the victims whom they have drained to death.
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