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Full Version: The Inside Man
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The plot isn't blow-away twisty. I felt it was mostly fairly predictable, they give too many clues for a mind bent by many years of SR. Because of this I found it to feel a bit slow getting past the parts that were already telegraphed to me. Sure the SO missed the meaning of a lot of stuff until much later in the movie, but she's kinda slow at that sort of thing. wink.gif She didn't get The Sixth Sense till a number of minutes past the ring dropping on the floor.

However it is a nice story, is a very well crafted movie, and Jodie Foster's character is one of the best examples of a pure Face I've seen in some time. I give it 8 of 10 stars on the 'Runnerific Scale.
Cool, I'm seeing it tonight too. I'll add my .2 nuyen.gif tomorrow.

Has anyone seen V for vendetta? I hear good things, but the trailers left me pretty unexcited. What's the DSF verdict on this one?
I saw V for Vendetta. Best rendition of Tchaikovsky I've ever seen. The masked man is apparently played by Agent Smith, which is neat. The movie is pretty heavy on the symbolism, so there are a few points where willing suspension of disbelief has to be extended in order to accept the metaphor the movie is providing. The action scenes aren't too frequent, unfortunately, but when they appear, they're pretty cool. Because the movie is good because of its story and imagery, not its fifteen minute long superman action scenes, I wouldn't expect the trailer to be able to show much.

Over all, I enjoyed it immensely. The story was neat, the characters were fun and the symbolism was clear enough to enjoy. Plus they blow up a lot of stuff. Definitely worth my $5.
Calvin Hobbes
It's not exactly V for Vendetta. Ev's background, like her parents, is reduced in favor of making her decision to become a revolutionary much more central to the plot, and V is less a father figure and more of a phantom of the opera-style romantic character. Also, they play up the fall of a government to one man as opposed to the book's rebellion is a personal thing. I liked a lot of the changes they made from the book, but if you wanted to see the book made flesh, it's probably not for you. has a writeup that I feel covers most of the basics you need to know.
Oops forgot to post my thoughts on Inside Man:

Very good entertainment. It's actually very funny at time. And yeah, Jodie Foster is SUCH a face it's not even funny. I'm sure she'll pop up as a reference to what a face is in many threads to come.

I had the impression the plot was going to be more twisted. Turns out it's not that complicated. You figure things out at about the right pace. The endgame of the mastermind, i found, was slightly disapointing... i was hoping for something else, I guess. But it'S hardly an issue.

I recommend this movie to SR fans as a light, entertaining movie smile.gif
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