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Full Version: Where would I post?
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I'm working on a short (4-5) page word doccument that contains every matrix test and some common tests/examples. Basically it is a matrix guide/cheat sheet for anyone running the net. I'd like to run it up the flag pole and see who shoots holes in it. Is there a place to host/ Post this ?

I can host it for you online and then link it to the forums if you want me to. Email it to me at dashifen (at) dashifen (dot) com and I'll send you the link to it after I upload it.
Ill send it later tonight
Good luck Gingerbread Man! I am eager to see what you come up with.



Ps: dear Dashifen, your website is at shadowrun dot dashifen dot com? is "wired reflexes" also yours?
Wired Reflexes is not mine. That one's a site by DV8, if I remember correctly. Haven't seen him around for a while.

But, you are correct, my shadowrun site is pretty bare right now because I haven't been paying much attention to it, but it is located at
QUOTE (GingerbreadMan)
Ill send it later tonight

Did you send it? I didn't get it, if you did.
I bet a lot of us are waiting to see this to save us from having to make our own. smile.gif
Sorry for the Delays. I had to retype and was struck with the Lazy virus.

Thanks dashifen for hosting this. I invite all to check and criticize the file (hopefully construcitve). My GM uses this and an excel spreadsheet that I'll publish later.

Let me know.
Probably the best place to put it would be the Community Projects section of the boards.
Gingerbread Man's Guide to the Matrix

Here's the document he sent me. Not a bad synopsis of the major rules with handy page references to get to the details as necessary.
I've got plenty more to post. I'm just having it posted in pieces until people say Love it/ hate it/ change it.
Once I get enough input I'll beg for the entire thing to be posted.

My initial thought is that it's hard to read. It's good to have all that information in one place, but for me, I like scream-sheets to be categorized and not too wordy. I like the page references.
I dug it.

It's got a sorta abstact chronological flow to it.

Like the work, would like to see some more examples in it, though.

Hope you keep on improving the work!
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