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Does dumpshock have a folding@home team? In Shadowrun, there's no way the corps would do this, because of the way processing works. But nowadays, we can.

You probably have heard the concept: A little program runs in the background of your computer, only taking whatever spare power there is. It uses this power to play with proteins. The results it gets are sent back to the Folding@home people who use it in medical research into AIDS, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Collectively we do what a zillion dollar computer could. Therefore diverting funds back where it should be spent- on the research, not the equipment.

You dont need a powerful PC, The program carefully monitors how much processing power is available. You will not experience slow downs because of it. After you complete a couple work units, you can determine if you have enough spare computer time to return work units within three days.

There is no malicious spyware or anything involved within the program

The download webpage is here

I find it to be quite user-friendly, and I enjoy speeding this type of research.
I will add that collectively you don't do what a zillion-dollar computer could, it just happens that most of this task (and similar ones, like SETI@home,, etc. etc. etc.) doesn't need what a zillion-dollar computer can do. If the problem weren't embarrassingly parallel, the differences between the distributed network and the zillion-dollar single computer would become obvious.

If we dont, we should. I did close to 100 data units for SETI@home before they moved to the folding team.

I remember going from my 300, to my 1.2, to my dual 2.2 and every time going "WOW look at SETI go..."
Someone should start a team and then people can put the link in their sig. Then we can get the whole ball rolling. The more people who join (and sig it) will cause more people to join. And every computer helps.
If they used BOINC, I'd probably throw my hat into the ring. They don't, so I won't.

I'm willing to start the team if it others are interested in joining. I've always run in team Firefox just cause I wanted to, but we could start our own. I'll even host the web page at if we really want to get the ball rolling.
Yeah, but its not looking like they run BOINC...
Why not do a BOINC team too? Then the various dumpshocker teams can compete for members.

I don't know too much about BOINC, because there's no value to doing both at once. But if I recall, a host of their efforts are going to 'good things'.

For the real world, it doesn't matter which one you do ... it matters than you're doing it! Donating computer time (that you don't use anyway) to any of these projects benefits everyone.

BOINC lets you donate computing power to scientific research projects such as:

World Community Grid: advance our knowledge of human disease (requires 5.2.1 or greater).
Cell Computing biomedical research (Japanese; requires nonstandard client software).
SETI@home: Look for radio evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Predictor@home: investigate protein-related diseases.
Rosetta@home: help researchers develop cures for human diseases., BBC Climate Change Experiment, and Seasonal Attribution Project: study climate change.
SZTAKI Desktop Grid: search for generalized binary number systems.
SIMAP: calculate protein similarity data for use by many biological research projects.
Einstein@home: search for gravitational signals emitted by pulsars.
LHC@home: improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator
Quantum Monte Carlo at Home: study the structure and reactivity of molecules using Quantum Chemistry.

You can participate in more than one project, and you control how much of your computing power goes to each project. If you participate in several projects, your computer will be kept busy even when one project has no work.
If someone starts a dumpshock BOINC team, could you post the thread link here so I see it? Please?

The sooner someone starts the team, the more results we'll get.
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