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Full Version: Sleep training system
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I was reading some cyberpunk books and I came across this idea, it seems really brilliant and simple to me. Using trodes or a datajack, the client will purchase simsense chips that will effectively run you through hours of drills in your sleep. Since your body needs your sleep state to solidify memories, this system tricks your body into learning a new skill while you rest. Perfect for the runner with little time for college.

takes rating * weeks for knowledge skills
ranting * rating * weeks for Physical skills

same as skillwires * rating
Well, there are virtual instructor chips in SR already. Maybe +2 to the design rating and cost to allow it to be used in your sleep? Sound like an easy integration with the existing rules?
For most skills, don't you have to be conscious of a learning task in order to learn it? I thought that the consciousness integrates the new information with your old information?

Regardless, rules-wise, it's doable. For sure.
Hypnopaedia is what it's called, IIRC.

In fact, Hypnopaedia is not good at all for teaching active skills. Though maybe Simsense will change this, I dunno.

What Hypnopaedia is good for is imprinting large tables of repetitive knowledge in your brain. IE, those "Learn to speak X language while you sleep" things. They can't teach you how to speak while you sleep. The best they can do is teach you word-equavalancies. It would be equavilent to having a Japanese-English dictionary Knowsoft implanted. It might be a good complimentary skill to Speak Japanese if English is your native language, but you try speaking Japanese by simply arranging Japanese words as you would arrange English words, you'll be speaking utter gibberish.

On the other hand, it is damned handy for learning large tables of static information, such as the PToE, mathematics tables, etcetera.
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