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Full Version: Cyber arm gyro mount is worthless.
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Cyber arm gyro mount is worthless.

I just discovered that the cyber arm gyro mount is of very limited value.

It takes 4 capacity to install one in a cyber arm, for that capacity you could instead get 4 points of enhanced agility which nets you one additional dice to ranged attacks when your gyro mount was at its most necessary and more when it was not. In no circumstance dose the gyro give a higher net dice pool.

The only reason it might be worth having is if you where hoping to have 2 or more reaction enhancement and a gyro mount at character generation because you cant have more than 4 agility enhancement at char gen, but well worth getting it changed latter.

Nicely spotted.

While it does not grant additional dice, if your build concept involes full-auto it can be a great boon when you need a little extra recoil compensation.
Rotbart van Dainig
As soon as heavy weapons rules apply, remaining recoil is doubled.
Yeah, doesn't the Gyro Mount negative the REcoil x 2 of heavy weapons? The Gryo Mount was only ever good if you wanted to be pasting things with an MMG.
It's also helpful if you're running up against the augmented limit for agility. You can also have a gyromount in each arm for six points of recoil comp total, or three to each submachinegun you're firing. love.gif

Unless the RAW says otherwise, I'd assume that cyberarm gyros work the same way normal gyros do, in that they eliminate movement penalties as well as recoil. Handy for running and firing your assault rifle on semi at targets a hundred yards away...
The cyberarm gyromount is useful, because you can get it and the Agility increase (which can only be up to +3, anyways, unless you also have a cybertorso). It definitely helps by stacking with other recoil compensation when you fire those SMG long or full auto bursts. It even helps with firing a pistol, by negating movement penalties.
The cyberarm gyromount does have a use.

1) Buy the Ambidextorous Quality
2) Buy Autos at 5 or 6
3) Purchace two cyberarms with gyros, as much agil as you need and a bit of str/body
4) Purchase 2 SMGs with gas vent 3s on.
5) Rock and Roll with no recoil, Four shot an action at base of 9P -2AP by the book if you use ExEx and Narrow Bursts.

Thats what they are for.
I stand corrected; they are useful for heavy weapons (that donít exist yet)

You can buy upto +7 ajil in game. I stated before that at char gen the gyro could be useful because your limited to +3 ajil.

The dual wielding burst firing SMGs works for now but wont soon.

With a gas vent 3, an under barrel weight, customised grip, shoulder stock and shock pads you can afford to choose one of those that you donít want and get the same effect.

so make it a full burst, or a long and a short burst.

and, for the record, the shock pads and stock are the same thing.

and it still stands that the cyberarm mod is good for any gun you pick up, regardless of whether it's customised to your needs or not.

and the fact that you can get up to +7 to agi is irrelevant. there is no rule that says you can't have that +7 mod as well as your gyromount. since they are not mutually exclusive, the fact remains that the cyberarm gyromount has a use, which admittedly is only *after* you have other mods.

no one is saying the gyromount should be your first choice to buy. they're saying there is a use for it.
In SR3 shock pads could only be added to a weapon that already had a stock. Including shotguns and rifles. Stock, folding stock and shock pads where all listed in canon companion.

True that is another place where it would be useful, firing long bursts when you already had +7 agi. Of cause that is almost all you can fit in an obvious cyber arm, and you couldnít fit it in a synthetic cyber arm.

QUOTE (Edward)
I stand corrected; they are useful for heavy weapons (that donít exist yet)

I have machine guns, missile and grenade launcher in my BBB. Even the Panther.
the panther you can compensate in so many other ways. it's only 1 point of recoil comp needed (why is it that everyone reads "uncompensated recoil is doubled" as "all recoil is doubled"?). in any event, as a single shot weapon, you won't be suffering recoil anyways, as recoil only effects the second shot in the round.

same thing (mostly, at least) for the missile and grenade launchers.

the machine guns are a concern, provided you are doing full bursts.

of course, as time goes on, we should have those hyper-fast guns that can fire 6 shots per short burst... i therefore anticipate that gyro-mounts will still maintain their usefulness, even after the gear book comes out wink.gif it will, however, only be for certain situations still.
think of it this way, gyromounts are gas vents that you can tranfer to a new gun by simply picking the gun up wink.gif
The fine thing about Cyberarm-Gyro: you don't need a complete cyberarm. Forearm is enough.

The same is true of attribute enhancements,

Indee. In a complete Cyberar is only room for one of them, as has been mentioned. But with forearm, you can have both, gyro and boosted attributes.


I'll point out that the gyro isn't useless because it stacks, and it can be used with any type of weapon.
Nobody pointed out the best aspect of a cyber arm gyro mounts: it's cool to have one! smile.gif

My biggest problem with it is it's can add up in two limbs, especially when you have higher grades (alpha version runs 12k thats a lot really).

In my opinion, the best use is in a sammy with muscle toner and only cyber hands. That way you can benefit from all the good cyber and bio that a full arm would restrict you from, and have just enough room for the gyro mount.

That means you can run around and put up the target numbers for you to be hit, while negating those penaltys for yourself. Even with a pistol this is awesome.
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