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Full Version: Well that was interesting
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Well that was interesting
My first SR4 run.

An interesting exercise, I think the Johnson over payed us, even if that was only 20% of our earnings for the run.

We where hired to disgrace the committee of a pro Tbird rasing event so our employer could move in and take over. We quickly hacked there server, gained the committee list including addresses, went to the vicinity of there houses, sniffed and hacked there COM links, forced access to there bank accounts and paid a blind count enough to hire shadow runes to fix the race (70K we got to keep), placed a very large bet from there COM links on the race (we didnít get those winnings).

We then hacked the event management computer, created access passes to get us in as maintenance staff, got the hacker close to the system that checks for inconsistencies in the programming, and made it insert inconsistencies that would make the competitors crash, in all except a 10 to one shot that had a reputation for always finishing but never wining. No pilots dies, only 3 finished and the 2 with stuffed guidance systems lost a lot of time.

We had placed 10k on the race and clamed our winnings, using a disposable ID before the fix was announced. After we had our winnings we pretended to be a maintenance worker with a ethical problem (but too cowardly to give ID) and handed over proof of the fix to both the star and a major news service. The scandal destroyed the committees credibility.

Character action
Hacker/rigger much hacking, no rigging
Shaman, some work with contacts
Gunslinger adept, light contact with contacts, no checks rolled.

No attacks where made, no firearm was discharged, one car and one van where driven one fake sin was expended

The haul
In the party kitty
70k ďpaymentĒ from committee
One rating 5 ice
One attack program analogues to tar ic (hog program ?)
100k gambling winnings

from that we purchased
3 sets of protective overalls
One rating 2 active soft mechanics araunortics
5000 was spent on a BBQ for us and some of our contacts as we watched the race (thatís real steak for gangers from Redmond)

The rest was divided between the 3 of us. (Programmes copied to be used buy all)

What we where payed (each)
1k up front
10k on completion
2k exceptional result fee (he didnít expect us to do the leaks, less do them that well)

I think the next run will involve more actual combat, but I think we did good.

Large Mike

You appear to have done more or less perfectly, but don't worry, I'm sure you'll get a chance to stretch those combat legs soon enough.

Smooth, proffessional and well-paying; everything a run should be. I certainly hope that you got some street cred for that run, as well as a new contact in that happy Mr. Johnson!
emo samurai
That really sounds perfect, but I have a few questions. What work with contacts did you do? You didn't go into much detail what happened with the shaman's people and the gangsters you ate with. What did they do? And what was being raced?
i can't answer most of your questions emo, since i wasn't in the game... but the race was T-birds.

you know that 2+ million nuyen.gif vehicle in the BBB? yeah, those things.

basically, you take a (slightly aerodynamic) brick, strap a ton of jump jets onto it, and you have a Tbird wink.gif
*jumps in*

I'm the GM of this particular campaign, and I'll say, I was impressed how I did given the fact that it was the first time I ever did SR, Period, and my second attempt at GMing. nyahnyah.gif

Yeah, it was T-Birds. Horizon got refused an Advertising deal and decided to hire a couple of runners to tarnish the league's image for a hostile takeover. Yay for spin doctors.

Next session i'm taking the crew through Seattle's first Miracle shooter Tournament - A section of the metroplex is cordoned off, and about 2000 combatants duke it out in the Biggest equivalent of a WoW Battleground you've ever seen. nyahnyah.gif With the general conspiracy theories thrown in. you know, Dunklezahn the Cyberzombie gatecrashing the tourney, etc... nothing too huge, but... We'll see.
I (the shaman) called one contact to find out if we where treading on any organised crime toes fixing the race. Surprisingly the answer was no.

the gagers where contacts of mine that lived near the race track and I didnít want them close enough to get hit when the contestants crashed. The race was happening in Redmond, with most of the gangs being payed to permit it.

The gunslinger adept had the loan star contact to feed information to.

One funny point is that we told the Johnson we needed more money because we wouldnít be able to steal, because there could be no evidence of our activity.

It was a great session. Even if the GM was over an hour late

I forgot to mention. I didnít cast a single spell. Not even to conjure a flower for a pretty lady.

emo samurai
Sounds like a pretty easy run.
Heh, I can imagine payback in the form of 10 riggers with combat tbirds, coming a-callin.
Kremlin KOA
but everyone in the race league thinks the COMMITTEE set up the race fixing

unless they work out it was us

they are gonna be taking their birds to gun down the committee members, probably before they get a chance to clear their names

oh and to the person who points ot the cots of a T-Bird, check the RL costs of a F1 car and related gear.

ohh we got no bonus street cred because it is almost unknown tat we had anything to do with it

PS I am the hacker
The gangers suspect we had inside knowledge.

My contact that I had look for information has to have worked it out, I tipped the winner for him as payment for the search. He probably made more than us.

The fixer and the Johnson both know

That /may/ be enough to justify bonus rep in the shadow community but probably not.

Oh and these where racing t-birds. Probably worth closer to 10mill each

Tuned for speed and mauver ability with minimal armour and improved pilot safety features.

Don't the weapons make a T-Bird so very expensive?
They donít come with weapons as standard.

Unless you buy a military moddle.

[ Spoiler ]

What kind of Karma did you dole out for this one?
5 Each for the Decker and shammy, 3 for the Gunslinger, mainly cause he didn't DO anything nyahnyah.gif Also, I'm allowing the Karma Purchase system, at 5KnY a point, with a maximum of double Awarded karma. Given the size of the grift, That was easy for them, so from what I hear, the party is investing in a little cyber, a couple of skills, and a whole lot of practce for the MS tourney next fortnight.. nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (Kremlin KOA)
oh and to the person who points ot the cots of a T-Bird, check the RL costs of a F1 car and related gear.

i wasn't saying there was a problem with them being over 2 million nuyen.gif

i was merely clarifying which vehicle in the book was a T-bird. the extremely high price seemed a good place to start, as it's quite noticeable.
QUOTE (Grinder)
Don't the weapons make a T-Bird so very expensive?

I'm sure the armor, avionics, and jet engines have something to do with it, too.
and actually, the weapons are (relatively speaking) dirt cheap, or at least the weapons you can get in the core book anyways.
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